Tony Hawk, the very well-known skateboarder, had a travelling action sport show for a few years and his Creative Director, Jaimie Muehlhausen, asked to create some graphics for decks.


These collages used images from 50s and 60's for a mazazine called Precursor. The spread size was 10.5" x 4". Enjoy life!


For the period of a couple years, Concrete Skateboading magazine had me write, edit and design a column about a creative (designer, artist, illustrator) that was involved in the world of skateboarding. The right side of the spread was open for them to create or show something new.

For the brand identity of a new skateboard brand in the early 2000s, mood boards were put together to provide a visual tone from a variety of sources. The target was a mix of street art and rough around the edges hip-hop dirtbag.


Welcome to a small view of some projects I've done over the years for a variety of companies. 


The Make was an artist book published by Anteism press. It showcased the work of a great number of artists, most of them from the west coast of Canada. I contributed four pages that combined photo, text and drawings.


In order to have marketing and promotional images for ads, catalogues, and tradeshow use, Giant Skateboard Distribution needed images from each company in its family. Sourcing imagery and dealing with licencing fees for over 15 to 20 images each season was costly and logistically difficult. I proposed shooting the professionals over a period of two days / nights. Obstacles for the skateboarders to modify were bought and rented. The event was hosted at Giant's parking area, and shooting at night allowed for lighting to be strictly controlled. 

One photographer was hired for each event, and they shot medium format film. A behind-the-scenes video was shot and published in the 411 video magazine.

My role was in proposing and budgeting the shoot, then sourcing all the bought and rented obstacles. I even found some fencing on a street that was skated. I organised the call sheet so that not all the athletes were waiting to skate, and some of the photography went late into the night. Food and beverages were on hand for each day.

Photographers: Pete Thompson and Skin Phillips


As Fortune Sound Club was establishing itself in the Vancouver nightclub scene in early 2010s, I created digital and physical flyers and posters. Some of the nights would have running themes to the design and others would be just one-offs for visiting musicians.


This is a small sample of the design and illustration produced in my couple of years doing work for Fortune. It was always great seeing the posters up around Vancouver.


For many skateboard brands, wheels are just an add on after-thought once deck graphics were complete. With Element they had skateboard pros on contract to ride Element wheels exclusivly, rather than a different brand. Special attention was give to the pro wheels and their input. 

This selection is just a small sample of the wheels I created and don't include the entirety of the SKUs in each season's line that I Art Directed with contributions from other artists and designers.

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