My solo show "As Time Will Allow" was hosted by Electric Umbrella, a gallery and tattoo show on Vancouver Island. These three pieces were the major works shown along with various other drawings, paintings and sketches. All three images (Morning, Noon and Night) were compiled and colored in photoshop then outputted to poster size. They are available on society6.


For the fifth year of the On Deck show in support of skateparks in Montana, I did a piece that was on paper then applied to the board. It is basically how current graphics are applied to boards via transfers. The paper made it easier for me to get a ton of detail on it.

The Vancouver based weird pop band Hermetic commissioned me to do their cassette tape art for their album "Heartbreakology". The tape is all sold out but you can listen to the songs here!


A time-lapse video was created to show the full creative process of doing one of the 20X20 images. You can see it here.


On a fall trip from California to Canada, my wife and I had the time to explore the side-roads and coastline. With no true deadline, I was able to capture some of the small details that usually get bypassed along the way. All images were shot on 35mm film.


A show of the work opened March 28, 2009 and ran until May  29, 2009 at Concepia, a photo-only gallery on San Juan Island, Washington. Along with the show a book is avalable through


For over two years I worked on a series of images that are 20 inches by 20 inches and decided to attempt 20 of them. Each one has a different monotone watercolor wash to them. The content is similar with themes and details being explored but a clear story wasn’t the intent. Swiv Tackle Circus gallery, in Oceanside, California, hosted a show of all the whole series. Along with an installation piece, that was painted over at the end, the show ran from Jan 17 to Feb 16, 2009.


I have begun every workday since 2002 by quickly designing a desktop graphic from drawings, found images and photos. I use this visual exercise to “warm up” for the day’s tasks. The effort has resulted in a large collection of images I return to for creative inspiration.


Here are things that I do for my own personal pleasure and sometimes as a paid illustration. Enjoy!

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